Saturday, May 3, 2008

You should know...and hurry up!

One of my favorites is the Welfare Momma who doesn't have her insurance information but wants us to fill her child's shouldn't be a problem because we should just 'know' her insurance information. Why not? You and I pay for it...we probably should have it, right? Anyway... Also, not only should we 'know' her information (which you should promptly pull from your a** upon request) but we need to hurry (What? Is she on her way to work?). Oh...did I mention that the prescription is dated 2 weeks ago? The best part is that it's for an antibiotic! Oh, no...wait...the best part is her fake fingernails, her shopping cart full of expensive items, her jewelry and her Coach purse (is it fake? How would I know! I don't even have one!!!)

Someone! Quick! Neuter these people!!!

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TGCougar86 said...

Those crack me up. The lady who walks in with the manicured nails, the Lexus keychain on her keys and the designer purse that she plops onto the counter and then when you ask if we're billing any insurance and you get the coupon. WHAT???