Saturday, May 3, 2008

The "nurse"...

How many of you have prescriptions called to your pharmacy by the "nurse"?

Recently a prescription for glyburide 5mg was called in for a patient. The patient had always been on glipizide 5mg but was seeing a new provider. A "nurse" called me from the new providers office to inform me that we had filled her patient's prescription wrong (always makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up). During our conversation the "nurse" eluded to the fact that we needed to reimburse her patient because it was our error. I pull the hard copy to find that the "nurse" that called it in is the same person I am talking to...and I remember it... I ask her to clarify at which point she says that she called in "glybizide" on our message machine. ( this a new hybrid I'm not aware of? ) Of course I can't help myself and I ask her to say the name of the drug again (I'm snickering a little at this point)..."glybizide". She becomes a little petulant and snotty when I tell her there is no such thing and ask her if she meant "glyburide" or "glipizide"...then she clarifies "glipizide". Now I really can't help myself and I ask her if she is the "nurse"...she says "yes". Can' stop there! I say "Are you an RN?" ...a slight pause and then "No". So now I go for the juggler - "You know, you need to be more careful when you call prescriptions in. If you don't know how to say a drug you need to spell it. I understand that your education has not prepared you for this level of understanding but because you were unable to pronounce this drug correctly it was filled incorrectly..."

Prescribers! Please please please!! Have someone competent call your prescriptions in! Good God!

And one more thing...since when does any person that works in the office with a patient get to call themself "nurse"?

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Your friendly neighborhood pharmacist said...

Love it. I think we could be soulmates.