Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who's gonna pay?

Patients are quick to deem us rude if we don't say what they want to hear. One of today's patients was a perfect example... Lady walks up to counter with her cell phone stuck to her ear (I have the "no cell phone" rule in my pharmacy). My tech gives the standard "Hello, let me know when you're through with your phone call and I'll help you." Lady gets pissy, conducts her business but then can't be quiet about her rude encounter with my technician. Lady is not particularly smart...she does not provide any insurance information and is shocked that she has to pay for her medication (and technician did ask for her L&I information but she did not provide any...). Lady makes her way back to the drop off window and announces to my techncian that she is rude and wants to talk to someone else...lucky Lady...she gets me. I ask for her insurance information...she doesn't have any. No L&I claim? Nope! So...I ask the unthinkable..."So, would you like to pay for your prescription now or would you like to get the insurance information?" Lady says "I got hurt and I gave you the paper (prescription) I need my medication." I say "Okay, it's ready for pick-up." Lady says "I don't have to pay for it though because I got hurt." At this point I realize I'm dealing with a moron so I say "Ok, who is going to pay for your medication so you can pick it up." Lady says "Well I'm not!" I say "Well if you're not paying for your medication and I'm not paying for your medication who do you propose should pay for it?" Doe in the headlights...duh.... "I'll go talk to my employer."

I hope she didn't reproduce....

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princss727 said...

I love the fact that my asking her to finish her phone call is the only reason she could call me rude... and I wasn't accused of being rude until she was told at the pickup window that she would have to pay... hmmmm... interesting