Monday, June 9, 2008

Booger alert.

Is it too much to ask my staff to tell me if I have a visible booger in my nostril? I go into the bathroom and wash my hands...glance in the mirror and there it is...big ole booger suspended on a nostril hair. What if I had exhaled while I was counselling someone and it flew out? Come on people!! Cut me a break here!!


Surgeon In My Dreams said...

LOL - I hear ya hon!!!

I was smelling flowers in the garden area of a chain store one day. FInally chose what I wanted and walked up the pay the nice

I get to my car, glance up in the rear-view mirror and low and behold my nose is COVERED in orange crap from one of the flowers I had been snifing.

I'm enjoying your site. Good job.

Carolyn said...

Hire me! Hahaha I am a great tech and will definitely alert you of any 'low flying hangers' in your nasal cavity. I will probably use those words too.

Love the blog =)

chuckr44 said...

Would that be better or worse than your nose hairs making that loud whistling sound, like on Allie McBeal?

Funny story.